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March 27, 2021

Great News, Picklers!

The Sequim Picklers Club is back in business starting April 1st — This is not an April fool’s joke, it really is happening!

Our state moved to Phase 3 on March 22nd. The updated guidelines came out on March 26th. You are welcome to review them yourselves at:

Sporting Activities COVID-19 Requirements
Updated 03/22/2021 1 | P a g e Sporting Activities COVID-19 Requirements Summary of March 22, 2021 changes: – New Phase 3 requirements detailed for School and Non-school Youth Team Sports Indoor and

The shed will be open and available for use once again, including the ball machine and rebounder board. It will be nice to see people out drilling with these tools.

Saturday, April 3rd will be our first Rated Play since March 2020.

We would like to be back in the Boys and Girls Club, but that won’t be happening yet. We have contacted them and we are hopeful for the future to get back in there full swing. The PCOC will be meeting regarding court operations and activities. Stay tuned for more updates in this area.

The ratings trial program with Pickleball Brackets has been a success. It is a beautiful system, very user-friendly, with much to offer. Pickleball Canada has adopted it for the country. Pickleball is Great (PIG) is looking at it as well. To get your games counted you will need to register for free at Once your registration is complete, please email me at so I can pull you into the Sequim Picklers Club on the site. Each Saturday, we will record the games and you will be able to go in to check your stats. This is concrete game data, with no ‘subjective’ field ratings required. As you play well, you move up. You can see trends, predicted games, scores, etc..

Thanks for your patience, as we have maneuvered through the challenges of the past year. It has been a long year for ALL of us. We are looking forward to having a lot of fun with this great club in 2021 and beyond.

More information on the next ALL Members Meeting will be coming soon as well. Stay tuned!

January 31, 2021

Club Ratings System Test

We have a ratings system that is designed by Jason who runs Pickleball Island in New York. Besides being a great player he is a programmer. The software has a lot to offer our club. Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • It will calculate singles, skinny singles, mixed, and doubles.
  • It adjusts for the fact that the higher rated player will see less balls their way.
  • It predicts the outcome of the games based on the team’s ratings.
  • It calculates each night at 2 am and provides stats that you can access on your phone.
  • You can work on your game to improve and see the results in your ratings.
  • Imagine being the highest rated player in a foursome: under the USAP system you risk a lot with little reward. With this system, if this same player does better than the predicted score of the game, he/she will receive a bump in ratings, (by nature this will encourage players to play down at times allotted for this).
  • There is no subjective nature it is all you and your game outcomes.
  • It provides eight digits of accuracy.
  • The system will run leagues, ladder leagues, and keep track of all the stats, all available online to the players.
  • It does not affect your USPA number.
  • You have a running history of scores of all your recorded games.
  • PIG has been exploring using this company for data collection (still in talks).

I anticipate using this on Ratings Saturdays when we can do that again.  Until then you can register at Registration is free but the calculations cost money.  The board agreed several months ago to give it a try. This will hopefully be a Club Member benefit.  All you need is a phone number, email, birthdate, initial rating and name. Use your club rating or USAPA number for your rating. After playing you will move quickly to where you fit in. I am trialing this with some people right now. If you want to be included and have a group of several that play together regularly please let me know: I will get you set up with score sheets and recording games.  It is so much fun to see how your game is doing from week to week.


Kendal Wake,
Director of Court Operations (DOCO)

January 15, 2021

There seems to be renewed confusion about mask-wearing guidelines when playing outdoors at Carrie Blake Park due to unauthorized signs posted recently at the park.

The Sequim Picklers Board was notified, once again, to help clear any confusion about signs that appeared at the park (posted within the last week). The Picklers Board has absolutely NO JURISDICTION about policing what happens at the park courts, but again had to reach out to government authorities including the City, the County, and Washington State’s Department of Health in order to clarify the guidelines for outdoor sports.

First of all, we have been informed by the City of Sequim that no one may randomly post signs on the fences at the public courts — without authorization by our governing officials

If you are *not* in a position of City Authority, please do not post random signs — especially signs that convey misinformation, and create further confusion and contention about the mask mandate.

Please take note of this message from Jason Hart, Clallam County Health & Human Services:

New state guidance published on January 11th requires that face coverings be worn by “all coaches, volunteers and athletes at all times” for “School and Non-school Youth Team Sports Indoor and Outdoor and Adult Recreational Team Sports Indoor and Outdoor.”  This requirement will not change if/when the County moves to Phase 2.

You may read the new guidelines here:
This is in contrast to previously published sporting guidance that made it optional for athletes to wear a mask while participating in low risk sports. Other requirements listed in the new guidance document include:

  • Clean high touch surfaces and disinfect shared equipment before and after each use
  • Provide handwashing or hand sanitizing stations at training and contest locations
  • Six feet of distance must be maintained among athletes when not engaged in sporting activities
  • Outdoor meets, qualifiers, and tournaments allowed for low risk sports; No spectators allowed; No tournaments allowed for moderate and high risk sports
  • Scrimmage against other teams or training or practices with other teams is not allowed
  • Stay home when sick or if a close contact of someone with COVID-19
  • All sporting activities and operations must adopt a written procedure for employee/volunteer safety and customer interaction

We also received a response from Nathan Thai, Washington State Department of Health:

Masks are still required to be worn at all times by all parties, including players, coaches, trainers, spotters, and any other involved staff or volunteers. 

If you have any further questions on the State guidelines you are invited to contact Jason at the Washington State Department of Health at or his phone number is 360.417.2417.

More COVID-19 Information is available at or call the Washington State Department of Health at 1-800-525-0127 and press #

January 2021 

USA Pickleball has posted NEW RULE CHANGES for 2021.

CLICK HERE to read the Official USA Pickleball Rulebook.

December 11, 2020

The mask mandate for outdoor sports remains in place, per the Governor’s directive on November 17, 2020. Click to read the details here –> COVID19 PHASE 2 & 3 SPORTING ACTIVITIES GUIDANCE

As shown in the Guidance document, pickleball and tennis are low-risk sports. We understand that even with the mask directive posted on the gates–or whether the sign is posted or not, there is continued contention at the Carrie Blake Park courts about some players not wearing masks. We want you to know that we hear your frustration, and sincerely hope that those who are not following the guidelines do not cause the City of Sequim to close our access to the courts again, especially with case counts on the rise in our county.

That being said, it is not OUR job, as Sequim Picklers, to rule over the public courts or to police who is or who is not choosing to wear a mask. We can only control how we, as members of the public, personally respond to someone not following these safety guidelines. The great thing about that is that you always have a choice: you can choose to play with, or not play with, someone who is not wearing a mask. The key point: YOU have a CHOICE.

Try not to let this contention become greater than the fun we have playing pickleball. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we all make it safely through this rough phase, and life will soon get back to “normal” again, whatever normal will be in the next year.

MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK FORUM:  Aloha, Picklers!  Did you know that we have a Facebook page?  If you are not opposed to social media, we’d sure LIKE you to “LIKE” and “FOLLOW” our page on Facebook:

**Also, if you:  1. Are on Facebook  AND 2. Are an Active Member in the Club (current Members-Only)

You are invited to join our CLOSED GROUP: Sequim Picklers Members-Only Forum, where we discuss all things PICKLEBALL, find out who’s playing at the park, who needs a partner, if the weather is nice enough to play…(it usually is).






THE SEQUIM PICKLERS IS NOW IN THE AMAZON SMILE PROGRAM:  AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way to support non-profit organizations every time you shop on Amazon at no cost to you.  Click here for all the details.

PICKLEBALL CENTRAL DISCOUNT:  ClubRewards gives members of local pickleball clubs a 5% discount on everything they purchase from and an additional 5% of the purchase price goes back to their local pickleball club in the form of an annual gift card. Click here for the discount code.


Adopt-A-Highway News

Adopt-A-Highway:  The Sequim Picklers would like to thank JoAnne Yerkes for leading the Adopt-A-Highway clean up crew for the past year. Thank you for your hard work, JoAnne!

We are now looking for a new Highway Clean-Up Organizer to take over duties for the next year!

Please contact to find out more, or to volunteer for this position.



Sequim Picklers “Trashy Tribe” Start Off the New Year

Saturday, January 4 was the first outing of the 2nd year that the “trashy tribe” of Sequim Picklers Adopt-A-Highway volunteers made their way to Hwy. 101 west of Sequim, between Dryke & Shore, to pick up litter. With 12 returning and seasoned pickers, the outing wrapped up in record time, clocking in an estimated 30 total volunteer hours and collecting 24 bags of trash.  

Afterwards, the team members gathered for lunch at Applebee’s.  If you see her, thank Applebee’s GM Holly Guyll for giving us a 10% discount.  And, thanks to the following volunteers. 

Mary Helen BenapflTrevor CarleyChristina Cunningham
Janie DicusDavid GooseDarrel Jiles
Sue MasonRoger MullKatinka Nanna
Lynda SchroederKen SorbelPam Woodruff
JoAnne Yerkes

Trevor Carley (not an SP member but an altruistic friend who joined us for the day!)

The “Sequim Picklers Pickleball Club” Adopt-A-Highway signs posted on our section of Hwy. 101 is great PR for the club.  And the volunteers provide a significant community service resulting in 4 miles of clean highway that we all use regularly.  Our next outing will be in April.   If you are interested in joining the volunteer team, let us know at  We have a reflective orange vest that will fit you perfectly!  Who knows what you will find???

Thanks.  JoAnne Yerkes

Picklers Turn Trash Into Treasure-October 5, 2019

Saturday, October 5, was the 4th and final clean-up for 2019, accomplished by the SP Adopt-A-Highway volunteers. We welcomed 5 new first-time pickers: Janie Dicus, Janice Drickey, Sue Mason, Roger Mull and Bob Sester. The 14 SP volunteers tied up 27 bags and donated 34 total hours in sprucing in Hwy. 101 west of Sequim, between Dryke & Shore.

The ubiquitous Black Ball Ferry tickets caught Roger’s eye. Janie couldn’t overlook the dessicated deer carcass (yes, it’s still there). Richard, Bob and Goose overcame the urge to get on that ditched bike and ride. Sue, Janie and JoAnne had Andy Gibb and Neil Young songs looping through their heads as they picked up album covers and lp shards that at one time sounded great on a turntable. But the prize this time goes to Team 3—Michael, Christina, Roger and Pamela–who found a carved wood bear. No sooner had they lugged it to the side of the road and stacked it with the other trash bags than someone driving by spied a treasure they couldn’t pass up! Speed recycling!

Afterwards, the team members gathered for lunch at Applebee’s. If you see him, thank Applebee’s GM Dustin for giving us a 10% discount. And, thanks to the following SP volunteers. A star next to a name denotes a “superstar” who has participated in multiple pick-ups.

*Richard Cary*Michael Cooper*Christina Cunningham
Janie DicusJanice Drickey*David Goose
*Darrel JilesSue MasonRoger Mull
*Katinka NannaBob Sester*Ken Sorbel
*Pam Woodruff*JoAnne Yerkes

The “Sequim Picklers Pickleball Club” Adopt-A-Highway signs are posted so we are now officially the proud caretakers of a very clean section of a highway we all travel on a regular basis. The great news is that our efforts over this past year are visible. Our first pick-up in January netted 56 bags and took us 52 combined hours. The trash collected, and the time necessary to sweep the 4 miles, has continued to drop throughout this year. It’s great PR for the club and a great community service.

Our next effort is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 4, 2020. If you are interested in joining the volunteer team, let us know at We have a reflective orange vest that will fit you perfectly! Who knows what you will find???


Ring the bell, wave the flag, sound the horns . . .Our sign is up!!  August 5, 2019.


Picky Picklers Proven Particular

Some were picky enough to prefer cigarette butts.  Others were particularly interested in larger fare.  But, all-in-all, the 14 SP volunteers provided a total of 37 precious hours and pinched 31 plastic bags of purloined trash!  

Saturday, July 27, was the third outing this year for the SP-sponsored Adopt-A-Highway volunteer participants.  Many voiced appreciation that the windy weather would not have made for a particularly pleasant play day.  See the photo gallery for more great pictures.

AAH Crew preparing to depart from Applebee’s parking lot.

A recounting of particulars:  3 gas cans, 1 garbage can sans matching lid, 1 garbage can lid sans matching can, a 5-gallon bucket proving useful for filling with nearby Styrofoam sheeting, a plethora of Black Ball Ferry tickets, a dessicated snake, a dessicated owl, and a beyond dessicated deer carcass.  Budweiser appears to be the beer of choice on the NOP . . . or maybe it’s just the beer of choice of litterbugs.  See what you non-volunteers are missing?!

Afterwards, the team members gathered for lunch at Applebee’s.  If you see him, thank Applebee’s GM Dustin for giving us a 10% discount.  And, thanks to the following SP volunteers.   A star next to a name denotes a “superstar” who has participated in multiple pick-ups.

*Rich Bemm*Mary Helen BenapflLee Bowen
*Richard Cary*Michael CooperChristina Cunningham
*David Goose*Katinka Nanna*Jolanda Schlund
*Lynda SchroederDave Shreffler*Ken Sorbel

*Pam Woodruff*JoAnne Yerkes

Thanks to Dave Shreffler for snapping some pics—they can be seen on the photo gallery.  Who knew orange was our color.

The “Sequim Picklers Pickleball Club” Adopt-A-Highway signs are at WDOT in PA and fingers crossed should be placed SOON approaching Dryke from the East (N. side of Hwy. 101), and  Fern (Shore) from the West (S. side of Hwy. 101).   Keep an eye out and let us know when you see them.

Our next effort will be in October.   If you are interested in joining the volunteer team, let us know at  We have a reflective orange vest that will fit you perfectly!

Submitted by JoAnne Yerkes 


Picklers “Trash” Hwy. 101 – AGAIN!

On Saturday, April 27, 12 dedicated picklers trolled both sides of Hwy. 101 between Dryke & Shore, removing 31 bags of trash.  This effort on the part of SP volunteers was the second Adopt-A-Highway litter patrol so far this year.  There was wind to deal with but the efforts by the January 5 team paid off as there was much less trash to pick up and our overall time was cut by close to 2/3!  

Afterwards, the team members met at Applebee’s for lunch.  If you see him, thank Applebee’s GM Dustin for giving us a 10% discount.  And, thanks to the following SP volunteers.   If there is a star next to their name, they are “superstars” as they have participated in both pick-ups:

Kathy Cooper*Michael CooperDiane Froula
David GooseDarrel JilesPatricia Knapp
*Christy MarazonKatinka Nanna*Lynda Schroeder
*Ken Sorbel*Pam Woodruff*JoAnne Yerkes

To do a bit of a twist on a well-known phrase, they say that community service is its own reward.  If so, Patricia Knapp was rewarded twice as she found $5.  Good eye Patricia!  And Ken Sorbel “went the extra mile”.  Katinka drove the car parked at the end point of Team 2’s section, which the team would walk back to, picking up trash along the way.  Ken drove the car parked at their starting, offload spot.  When the team finished their mile patrol and reached Katinka’s car they realized that her keys were in Ken’s car.  So, yes, Ken walked the extra mile back to his car, then drove to where Katinka and Lynda waited at Katinka’s car.  Thanks Ken for going that extra mile!

Once again, JoAnne neglected to get a group picture of the orange-vested gathering.  If any teams have pictures to share, please do so.  And thanks again for your efforts!

Our next effort will be in July.   Hopefully by then WDOT will have placed signs acknowledging that Sequim Picklers have “adopted” this section of 101 between PA and Sequim, and drivers seeing us at work will no longer mistake us for members of the chain gang!  If you are interested in joining the volunteer team, let us know at


Submitted by JoAnne Yerkes

League & Ladder Play


When offered, League Play will generally be for a set period of time ie. 6 to 8 weeks, where people sign up for the full league, play in their rated groups and statistics will be kept. The Club may offer Fall, Winter or Spring league play. LadderPlay is an informal way where people come in and out (don’t have to commit to a certain period of time) and have the chance to play people of the same rating.  

USAPA Definition of Ladder Play: Players play mostly with others of similar skill levels. Your ranking on a ladder is based upon your winning percentage (the ratio of points won to total points possible). Players will move up or down the ladder based upon their winning percentage. 

Although there are a variety of formats, we currently use ROUND ROBIN PLAY, which according to the USAPA is a structured form of play organized by skill levels. In the time allocated to each Round Robin session you will play a fixed number of games, each with a different partner and against a different pair of opponents.

Round Robin Play & Open Play at B & G Club:
Round Robin Play will start on Monday, January 6, 2020 at the Boys & Girls Club on Fir Street. The time slot for 2.5’s and 3.0’s is 6:00 to 7:30 PM. The 3.5’s to 4.0’s will be from 7:30 to 9:00 PM.  Be sure to show up on time so that you can be included in the Round Robin play.
On alternating weeks (January 13th) will be an open play week.  We will alternate round robin play with open play for a couple of months (*our calendar will be updated to reflect the changes to our schedule). There will be no more Saturdays at the Boys and Girls club for a while.  The added Saturdays we had just happened to be available. I have asked for any additional availability but have not heard back.
Kendal Wake, DOCO






Olympic Pickleball Tournament

Olympic Pickleball Tournament

2/29/20 TO 3/1/20

Roosevelt Elementary School, Port Angeles, WA

All Round-Robin with a shootout!

Skill events (3.0 – 5.0) Open & Senior

Friday – Social Play 6pm

(IF you are 60+ contact Steve Bennett about a SSIPA event – 360.460.7424)

Saturday – Womens/Mens Doubles 

Sunday – Mixed Doubles  


Registration  $40 + $10/event – closes Friday, Feb 21th!

Free T-Shirt to the first 75 PAID players


Indoor ball to be announced soon


The Legacy rating will be used for this tournament

See the official flyer for all the information.

See for all info.

Sequim Pickler Shirts Available

**Sequim Pickler Logo Shirts Available**

We sold a few more t-shirts last week — there are more available if you are interested. Also, if you would like to get your own (plain) t-shirt or sweatshirt, or another article of clothing printed with the Sequim Picklers logo, contact Captain T’s Gift Shoppe & Custom Stuff in Port Angeles, 360-452-6549. They are able to print one-off’s at your request, but we do ask that you choose a plain article of clothing ~only~ for anything with the Pickler logo.  11/1/19

We still have a limited quantity of Sequim Pickler shirts available. If you are interested in purchasing, this is how it will work:  

  • Below is a list of remaining shirts.
  • If you see a shirt that you would like to purchase, email Kendal ( with your request.
  • Aleta will take it to the shed at CB and it will have your name on it. 
  • Put your check or money in the daily play envelope with a note on it showing what it is for. 
  • The cost for members is $15.00 for non members $20.00.  

Womens Long Sleeve

Medium: 2 white, 1 green 

Large: 1 white, 1 black, 2 grey

X-Large: 2 white, 1 blk, 1 grey, 2 blue, 2 green

Womens Short Sleeve

Medium: 3 white, 3 blk, 1 grey, 1 blue, 2 green

Large: 3 white, 3 blk, 3 grey, 3 blue, 3 green

X-Large: 3 white, 3 blk, 2 grey, 3 green

Mens Long Sleeve

Large: 2 white, 2 grey, 4 blue, 4 green

X-Large: 4 white, 5 grey, 2 blue, 1 green

Mens Short Sleeve 

Large: 3 white, 3 blk, 3 grey, 2 blue, 3 green

X-Large: 5 white, 1 blk, 3 grey, 4 blue, 1 green

Referee Training

   Attention Picklers,

     It is that time again for me to try to recruit some referee trainees for our club.  We have a nice cadre of trained officials, but we are always looking for new folks who might want to give this a try.  I encourage you to at least come and listen to my introduction to refereeing before you decide it is not for you.  If you do not want to be a referee, that is just fine……….refereeing is not for everyone, but you might be surprised how it is a possibility for players who understand and enjoy the game as well as looking for a way to help the club.

     I really think most of you could benefit from  some additional information about the rules.  I’m sure you are getting by, but knowing more about the rules will help you understand the game better and also give you the confidence to straighten out situations that arise during play.  Please give this some consideration.

     Try these few questions:

      1.  How many time outs do you get during a match?   How long is a time out?  Who can call a time out?  Can you call time out after the score has been called?

      2.  What 4 choices do you have if you win the coin flip or choose the correct number at the beginning of the match?

      3.  Can you be in the kitchen if you are not playing the ball?

      4.  Is there a penalty for calling the wrong score?

Good luck.     Please let me ( know if you interested in being a referee or if you would like to brush up on the rules.

      Answers:    1. Two per game, so six if you play all three games of a match. A time out is 1 minute. Any player may call a time out. A timeout may be called after the score is called, but BEFORE the server begins his/her service motion.

2.  You may choose to serve, receive, choose a side, or defer. (Let other team decide).   

3.  Certainly. Take your lawn chair, take a nap, have a drink, play some cards … just can’t play the ball unless it bounces.  

4.  No. There is a penalty, however, if you stop the play because you think the score is wrong and the score that was called was correct.  

Isn’t this fun?!

Marty Hoffman, Referee Coordinator




Dear members,

I hope you have enjoyed your Easter weekend and are now ready to consider an important need for our club.

We are having a big tournament at the end of May and will need some more officials.  We have a good cadre of 35 dedicated members who have helped referee in the past , but we need 7-10 more because not all of them are available for the tournament.  We will provide the training and supervision to walk you through what is required to referee a match.  If you love the game, understand the basics of the game, and are willing to give this a try it would be truly appreciated.   After the training, if you decide it is not for you then that is O.K.  We have had individuals complete the training and then decide not to do it for one reason or another.  That was perfectly fine.  You must feel comfortable in a referee position.

The USAPA has developed a great video which shows the basics of officiating.  Please give it a look, 18 minutes, and decide if this interests you.  Your participation will help the club, and also benefit you as a player who will be knowledgeable.

Please us the link below and scroll down to access the video:

2018 USAPA Quick Start Training video. (18 mins.)

Good luck with this and I hope you can help us.  Do not let the detailed scoring discourage you; we can show you an easier way and then you can progress into the one they show on the video.

Please contact me by April 29 so I can schedule a training session.

Thank you, Marty Hoffman, Referee Coordinator

April 22, 2019


Referee Opportunities Spring 2019

Attention referees, potential referees, and beginners. I have something for each of you.

The time is not too far away when we will, once again, be needed to referee our tournament in late May. In preparation for this, on March 30,  I will bring to the Carrie Blake courts the materials needed to practice officiating. These materials will be part of the general items that are put out on the table. Please go ahead and practice as much as you can because it is not easy to just start refereeing a tournament without sufficient practice. We will have some review sessions in late April or early May. Practice whenever and as much as you can now. Additional opportunities will be provided at the B&G Club in the near future. Those playing at the Y should practice there also.

     Those members who are experienced players who would like to learn how to referee should contact Marty Hoffman at to indicate your interest in the training. This training is for those of you who have a sincere interest in refereeing, understand the game, are willing to study the rules, learn about the mechanics of refereeing, and would be dedicated to this important task. Once I get a list of interested participants I will contact you for a training date.

New to the game?……….I will be willing to spend some time with a group of you who want to learn the basic rules. This would help you sort out some situations that arise in your normal play. Knowing the rules is to your advantage so please give this training some serious thought. This is not the referee training. The more you know about the rules the better off you will be.  Please contact me at if you are interested. Once I get a number of you showing interest in this I will contact you and a date will be set.

Thank you. This is your club and the more knowledgeable you become the better our club play will be.

Marty Hoffman, Referee/Rules Coordinator

March 27, 2019

Referee Clinic, July 26, 2018
In preparation for providing officials for our inaugural Blue Hole Bash Tournament, I will be offering a referee clinic on July 26 beginning at 9:00 A.M. at the new courts.  It will last for 2-3 hours.   There is no charge for this clinic.  My goal is to train 16 more of our members on the skills and information needed to referee a pickleball match.   The fundamentals of refereeing and some basic rules will be discussed for about 30 minutes.  We will then have you go to the courts and observe a veteran official officiate a game while you shadow this person and get a sense of how it is done.  We will then reconvene and discuss what you have observed.  Then,  we will have you try your hand at officiating with an experienced person helping you.  Hopefully you will feel comfortable enough after our training to referee some of the games during our open play time.   With enough practice and supervision, I would hope you would be available to referee in our tournament in September.  We already have a core group of about 15 referees in our club so adding to this group will certainly benefit us all.
    Please let me know if becoming a referee interests you at this time.  I will take the first 16 individuals who contact me VIA E-MAIL.
Additional clinics will be offered if the interest is there.  Also, if you just want to talk about and learn the rules we can arrange a rules clinic too.
    Thank you.
Marty Hoffman
Referee Coordinator
July 20, 2018
Marty Hoffman, Bob Sester and Doug Hastings PRESENT:
Referee Guide for Dummies #1
When:     This Monday Night (gym)  @ 6pm. (Oct 16th)
Not sure??  Don’t feel qualified?   Not ready?   Too complicated?   Afraid of the commitment?  Worried about making mistakes?  Blah, Blah, Blah?
…and here is one tidbit of information for you from Ambassador Ben:
USAPA claims being a referee can significantly improve your game!
A survey study showed the a majority of tournament referees
agreed their overall game improved when they started to referee!
Quote:  “…when you watch over and over successful shot selection and placement, strategy 
and partner communication, you can’t help but transfer that to your game on some level…”
No charge!  Everything you need for the first night will be provided!
Referees pickle ball’s “go to people”!

Sign-up now, or arrive at 6pm, to be one of the maximum 20 attendees.


Attention  wannabe pickleball referees

 …….”It is all on the clipboard.”  A clinic on what it takes to be a referee will be held on Oct. 16Monday evening beginning at 6:00 P.M.    The clinic will be conducted by Marty Hoffman, Bob Sester, and Doug Hastings…….all experienced tournament referees.  A small clipboard used for the scoring of  a match will have all of the necessary information you will need to become comfortable and successful as a pickleball referee.  Key rules–less than ten– will be highlighted so you will feel secure in your endeavor to help referee a match.   After the orientation you will have an opportunity to “shadow” (watch an experienced referee referee games being played on Monday evening.)  Further study of all of the rules will be discussed later.  Initially, we want to get you interested and comfortable with this fun activity.

We will limit the group to 15 individuals who are experienced players….3.0 and up.  

 Please call Marty at 360-808-7347 or email him at:

This will certainly benefit the club in the long run and hopefully we can get this going again.

You can contact me with additional questions or information and to sign-up.
We thank Marty, Bob and Doug for this important clinic.  
We will need many of you in the near future for Club tournaments!
Marty will make it EZ-PZ!