Board of Directors

Meet the Sequim Picklers Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the four Officers; President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, the Past President (as an ex-officio, non voting member) and five Members-At-Large, which include three Standing Committee positions: Director of Communications; Director of Court Operations; and Membership Chair.

Arvo Johnson

Past President: Arvo Johnson

Sits on the Board of Directors as an ex-officio, non-voting member mainly to provide historical information from his/her term of office to the present Board.

Sharman Owings

President: Sharman Owings

Presides over Board of Director meetings, General Membership meetings, and Special Meetings. Calls meetings and appoints committees as needed. Represents the Club within the community. Votes only as a tie breaker.

Richard Cary

Vice President: Richard Cary

Sits for the President when the President is unavailable. All committees, both temporary and standing, report to the Vice President. Performs other duties as directed by the President. Sits on the Board as a voting member.

Pamela Woodruff

Secretary: Pamela Woodruff

Keeps minutes of Board Meetings, General Meetings and Special Meetings. Receives all correspondence, and sends correspondence, as directed by the President and.or other Members of the Board. Keeps records of all correspondence and events. Sits on the Board as a voting member.

Katinka Nanna

Treasurer: Katinka Nanna

Keeps all financial records of the Corporation. Receives all income, and deposits the same, into Club bank account(s). Pays all bills owed and reimburses all purchases, as authorized in the yearly budget. Guides the Board in preparing each year’s budget. Sits on the Board as a voting member.

Krista Rambow

Director of Communications: Krista Rambow

Responsible for the management of the Club website, social media, e-hosting, media communications, and the processes by which the SP Board communicates with membership. Sits on the Board as a voting member.

Kendal Wake

Director of Court Operations: Kendal Wake

Responsible for all facility management issues under the SPC’s control; develops organizational calendars for Round Robin play; establishes times and rules for Challenge Courts; manages the skill rating process; develops additional winter-play facilities as appropriate; maintains the Club’s focus on providing training, clinics, and developmental opportunities for all skill levels; manages and/or coordinates all tournaments hosted by SPC. Sits on the Board as a voting member.

Sue Felix

Membership Chair: Sue Felix

Responsible for keeping membership records, including the roster and dues records; acts on expiring memberships by sending renewal notices; develops member-oriented social functions; keeps records of members not in good standing or receiving warning notices; coordinates with the President on community outreach activities; strives to increase membership; maintains affiliate relationship with USAPA. Sits on the Board as a voting member.