Court Construction Updates

June 28, 2018 – New Courts are Open!!

Transitioning play from 3rd and Fir to Carrie Blake Park (CBP)

As the Sequim Picklers transition from play at 3rd and Fir and other locations around town to the new outdoor courts at CBP, here are some thoughts to consider to ensure that the Sequim Picklers are good neighbors with the Church, Skate Park, Dog Run, and Ball Players:

•When you arrive to play at the courts ensure that you park your car only in a designated parking spot available at the park. We are not authorized to utilize any of the parking spots at the church. You might consider carpooling with other players to save parking spots at the courts.

•Look for opportunities to help pick up any litter around the courts, despite which group might have generated it. There are two trash cans provided to the skate park and there will be a dedicated trash can inside the main gate of the courts. The CBP maintenance crew empties these quite frequently. If a can is overflowing let the local maintenance crew (Gary or Mike) know so they can take care of it.

•The courts have two entrances. Both are secured with level 3 security locks. The combination can be obtained from a Board Member or Court Coordinator.  The only people that should have this combination are Sequim Pickler members, CBP Docents, and CBP maintenance crew. The east entrance is the main entrance to the facility. The south facing entrance is the emergency exit and might be used for an ambulance access, but generally this entrance will remain locked.  When you leave the courts and no other club members are present, pick up all of our balls and any notebooks, paperwork, etc. and secure it in our storage box.  DO NOT LOCK THE COURTS.  Simply close the gate and leave the lock closed and secured to the chain.  The City will arrange to have the courts locked at the end of the day.

•We plan to use the same concept of operations that we used at 3rd and Fir with the locked shed. If you are the first Pickler to arrive at the courts, open the gate and open the temporary contractor box for balls. Set out the signup sheet and sign in for yourself. Then go play! No need to set up nets, fences, basketball hoops, pull weeds, etc.  Charlie

June 27, 2018 Work party – the finishing touches.  Photos by Christy

June 25, 2018.  I met with the City this morning at the courts. It was comforting to see the fence sub-contractor was on site as most of the punch list remaining items is for them.  The City believes that we can stick with our original Wednesday work party plans.  The courts look beautiful!  They were dry this morning even after last nights rain!  Cheers, Charlie.

June 21, 2018 – Four down and four to go.  Photos by Marc.

June 19, 2018.  Hi all.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Talked with Al with the paint crew.  Rest of green today.  Second coat green tomorrow.  He said lining Thursday (weather permitting).  Good news—He said central corridor will be painted green.  Easier for crew than taping off.  Happy pickling soon!—Marc

June 18, 2018.  First application of blue!!  Cheers, Charlie


Today, Saturday June 16, the surfacing contractor buffed out the any roughness in the concrete joints with a concrete sander and painted half of the court concrete surface with a coat of black.  Cheers, Charlie


May 11, 2018.  The final concrete pour occurred this morning at 1000am.  Now we wait until the surface has cured for 28 days.  Since the North courts were poured some 14 days earlier I am told the surfacing will begin on the north courts first.  Cheers, Charlie.


May 4, 2018, 8:30 AM, the first cement pour on the south courts began this morning and went very quickly as the team is well oiled now.  Cheers, Charlie.



April 19, 2018 Get excited!!!!!  The contractor poured a lot of concrete today.  The beginning of the north courts and ½ of the corridor is taking shape.  They worked really hard today. The contractor is even saran wrapping the fence posts prior to the pour.  Check out the snow capped mountains in the background.  It’s just beeeuuuutiful.  Cheers,  Charlie

April 19, 2018
Witness first pour this morning!! Watched with great trepidation as workers screed concrete, around Ross’s SS dedication ring form.  As you can see we had some good supervision. Not to worry, Christiane was there also… I sure enjoyed Charlie giving me the finer points on how the pouring  sequence would progress.  Contractor mentioned, their goal was to have all concrete poured by May 1st.  Robert


April 16, 2018.  This Recognition Plaque will be permanently displayed at the courts to honor those who gave generously to fund court construction.

April 12, 2018.  Between the wind storm yesterday and the rain last night progress is slow but steady at CBP today.  Photos by Charlie.


April 8, 2018.  Work progresses.  Photos by Denise


March 27, 2018

Contractor told us the prep for concrete (rebar and metal spacers) will begin next week, weather permitting.  Photos by Charlie.

March 26, 2018

Last week power and water excavations are filled in and a final layer of top gravel has been added and compressed.  Photo by Charlie.


Friday, March 16, 2017

Two pictures from today….  Power conduit is trenched from the bathrooms up the east side to the corridor and then across the corridor to the west side.  

The wall at the southeast corner is backfilled.   Cheers, Charlie


March 14, 2018 – Photos by Charlie

Interwest is making daily progress on the courts.  Yes, even in the rain.  They have staged their building trailer (office) on site and 4 pieces of equipment are being used to build the wall enclosure at the Northeast corner and at the southwest corner.    The fence between the skate park and the courts has been removed so that the new wall on the west side can be installed.  I expect that they will really move forward during the rest of the week since the weather will be better than the downpours today.  Cheers, Charlie

March 12, 2018 – Equipment Ready!  Photo by Robert R.
Sequim Picklers Court Agreement with City of Sequim – Quick Reference Guide: Click the link below to view.


Hi Picklers,

We are excited that our efforts to build courts is continuing forward on a schedule that was worked out last year. The local contractor, Interwest Construction, is scheduled to have their pre-construction meeting in early February with the City engineers and our Sequim Pickler (SP) pro-bono architect, Christiane Johnson, doing business as KataTjuta Architecture. After the first meeting, the schedule will be adjusted based on expected weather temperatures but generally it looks something like this:

Week of Feb 5 – Pre-Construction meeting with contractor (SP architect to attend)
Week of Mar 5 – Approval of contractor to proceed with site preparation.  Contract must conclude within 75 days of this notice to proceed.
Week of Apr 2 – First approved date that contractor can begin concrete pour.  (Concrete must have a 30 day cure period above freezing)
Week of May 7 – Possible start for surfacing and line painting

The SP board will be busy with two upcoming board meetings. The agendas are long in order to work on many aspects of getting these new courts up and running with a schedule that works for the SP, the public, and considering the City of Sequim agreement terms.  Oh, and we also need to pick a date for our first regional tournament.

To acquaint the membership with the City agreement terms that are currently in effect, I put together a brief reference guide that lays out the primary key decision points. It also has links to the full agreement, estimated future maintenance costs, and an example of how an annual schedule of outdoor play might look.  Click on the link below to view the City Agreement Reference Guide:


The Pickleball Court Operations Committee (PCOC) will be asked to work on this annual schedule and present the board with their best plan in the next few months. If you have ideas for the PCOC to consider, please attend one of their meetings or contact one of their members with your input.

Submitted by Charlie Pugh, Vice President – 2/1/18

In December 2017, the City of Sequim signed a contract with Interwest Construction to build pickleball courts.  The preliminary schedule is as follows:
Week of Feb 5  – Pre-Construction meeting with contractor (SP architect to attend)

Week of Mar 5  – Approval of contractor to proceed with site preparation.  Contract must conclude within 75 days of this notice to proceed.

Week of Apr 2   – First approved date that contractor can begin concrete pour.  (Concrete must have a 30 day cure period above freezing)

Week of May 7  – Possible start for surfacing and line painting
As new information becomes available, this schedule will be updated. 1/24/18


Dear Picklers,
Congratulations to each and every one of you!  We have succeeded in our commitment to pickleball and the new court construction planned for spring.  Thank you for your contributions to the success of this adventure.  It would not have happened without our anonymous donor, JoAnne Yerkes, nor would it have happened without you.  So thank her, give yourself a pat on the back, and thank the City for their partnership.  
The City asked for a photo op with your Board of Directors and a few others.  The photo has been posted with a news article about the Sequim Picklers.  Click on the link below.
Happy Pickling!


Court Construction Update: December 11, 2017

The City Council passed, by unanimous vote, to approve the Court Construction Resolution!!!!  

See the Sequim Gazette Article below:


Pickleball courts set for tentative June 2018 opening
By Matthew Nash Sequim Gazette
Wednesday, December 13, 2017 1:30amNEWS

With cheers and paddles in the air, members of the Sequim Picklers pickleball group celebrated on Monday night construction moving forward on eight new courts in Carrie Blake Community Park.
The Picklers, who typically send at least one representative to each Sequim city council meeting, packed   the council chambers on Dec. 11 awaiting construction contract news.
Councilors unanimously approved a contract 5-0, with Ted Miller excused, for lnterwest Construction Inc. of Burlington to finish building the courts just east of the Sequim Skate Park for a bid of nearly $228,000 including a 5-percent contingency at about $10,600 and $5,000 for surveying and material testing services.
“Everyone is ecstatic,” said Charlie Pugh, vice-president of the Sequim Picklers. “The city council has been with us side by side through this and in June we’re excited to have eight full courts.”
Pugh said in Dec. 2014, pickleball players formed the Pickleball Facilities Committee with the purpose of building courts rather than continue playing on Sequim Community School’s modified basketball courts.
Picklers advocated for new courts because they said the community schools’ courts have cracks and obstructions such as basketball hoops plus, and have to setup and take down nets and posts for each session.
Pugh previously said the new tournament-quality courts will attract larger groups from across the U.S. too.
Over three years, the Picklers raised $217,700 towards the courts including costs for nets and posts to help cover a recent funding gap after a grant did not come through in its full amount.
Four bids for the construction project ranged from Interwest’s lowest bid to about $470,000 with the city’s estimate in the middle of the two. When the new roadway was constructed into the park, an earthen pad was installed for the courts as a way to save money, city staff previously said.
City councilors commended the Picklers for their efforts with Genaveve Starr saying she was impressed with their fundraising abilities and Candace Pratt saying it was “simply amazing.”
Pugh said at the facility committee’s last meeting its board members voted to dissolve since a contract was going to be awarded by city councilors. He anticipates the city hosting a ribbon cutting for the new courts sometime in May or June.
For now, Sequim Picklers continue to play at 9 a.m.-noon Saturdays and Sundays, and 6-9 p.m. Mondays at the Sequim Boys & Girls Club, 400 W. Fir St. They also play in the afternoons at the community school almost daily too once school is out.
For more information about the Sequim Picklers, visit

Court Construction Update: December 10, 2017


We have some very important and exciting news to pass to you today. The results of the contractual bidding to build the courts is now known. We had 4 bids:

$470,328. – Court Gaines

$325,013. – Harkness Construction

348,379. – Nordland Construction NW

$211,965. – Interwest Construction

The bid that was from Interwest Construction was assessed as accurate and responsible by the City.  It is financially well within reach but we are a little short of funds. At the conclusion of our board meeting this evening at 5:45PM we are informing you of the funding shortage. We are $2500 short of our goal. This is a different result than what you will see in the City Council agenda as the budget has been modified about 8 times since that was published. Here is the breakdown.

Funds  Expenses 
Sequim Picklers198000Construction to Date62246.19
First Federal Grant5000Construction Contract211965
Port of Port Angeles Grant700Contingency (5%)10598.25
Challenge Grant (conditional)9000Survey & Testing5000
City of Sequim51000
Expenses – Funds (gap) =16109.44
SP Board approved scenario to reduce funding gap:
Expenses – Funds (gap) =16109.44
SP New Memberships ($2,000)14109.44
SP Transfer from Operating Funds ($3,000)11109.44
City Staff REET Request ($8,609.44)2500
From Real Estate Tax fund
Total Remaining Gap2500


Your negotiation team met with the City on Wednesday and Friday of this week and there has been much number crunching between the City and our group.  I personally have been very thankful for Dave Scheffler who stepped up to help in a much needed way as I was suddenly hospitalized Dec 1-6 with a surgery.

The City staff is working hard to put our court build plan together for a City Council decision this Monday at the last City Council meeting of the calendar year. Getting a favorable decision this calendar year was a requirement of our challenge grant (and we are definitely counting on those funds).

The City information on the project is visible in the City agenda for Monday’s meeting as agenda item 13, scroll to page 154 to view the requested council decision.

This is the last item on the agenda and I plan to call the clerk early Monday to see if it can be moved up on the agenda so that Sequim Picklers who want to attend won’t have to stay for the entire meeting. Pack up your paddle and lets have a great showing at City Hall Monday night at 6PM, that’s tomorrow!

Every penny that is currently in our Capital Campaign Fund will be used to build these courts and we are still $2500 short of the final goal. Wish list items such as water fountain, storage shed, benches and canopies will have to wait.

There is still time to take advantage of the year-end special to go from bronze to silver. How about going from silver to Gold?

Be the awesome pickler who makes up this $2500 shortage. Check the web site for specifics.

Charlie Pugh, SP VP

Court Construction Update: November 1, 2017
The court site at Carrie Blake Park (CBP) has undergone extensive work during the past two months. Under the schedule C contract from the City of Sequim the entire site went from large piles of dirt to a fully level site with a 1% slope from south to north. Our pro-bono architect, Christiane Johnson, worked tirelessly with the City to ensure that there was enough room for the larger full size 34’ x 64’ court size recommended by the USAPA.
In October the City provided us opportunities to pay now to have the current contractor (Northern Land Development) purchase, haul, install, level and compact 4 inches of gravel on the entire site using their construction equipment and big roller. Our treasurer, Katinka Nanna, let us know that we could pay for this work without penalty on the CD in which the court funds are invested. The SP board elected to take advantage of this opportunity to cover the site with gravel now to help it weather the winter. The City also had an opportunity to complete the raingarden due to an excess amount of material on the construction site. They used that material to complete the raingarden to the north of the courts. They also made accommodations both to the north and south of the courts for grassy areas that can be used for spectators and or vendors during future planned tournaments. We will be working with the City to see if there are opportunities for the SP to add additional plantings to the raingarden prior to the winter.
The working partnership with the City has really been incredible. In Dave Shreffler’s words, “I cannot begin to explain to people how different the SP relationship has been with the City than what the Sequim Family Advocates went through when we were building the Playfields. David and Matt are tremendous partners on the courts project!”. Gill Goodman agrees “Absolutely agree with Dave’s comments about the City’s (David and Matt) cooperation!!!   Having been a principal active participant in the unsuccessful SARC Levy and Metro actions, I can tell you many horror stories about the city’s lack of cooperation and down right attempts to put negative roadblocks in those efforts. It is a new era/day of city cooperation and I love it.” Matt Klontz (City Engineer/Assistant Public Work Director) and David Nakagawara (Civil Engineer, Public Works) have been our primary contacts and go to team at the City on this effort. If you run into either of them tell them how appreciative you are of their efforts! We plan to send the City an official letter recommending both for an award and or a highly complementary letter that can be placed in their personnel records.
On October 30th the City closed the original entrance to CBP and opened the newly paved entrance from the south. The planned grassy areas were hydroseeded and sidewalks and the new ADA access walkway was completed into the park. If you visit the park now you can fully appreciate the huge property that will make up the courts and adjacent grassy areas!
Work on the solicitation for the new courts has been completed by the SP negotiation team. The solicitation date is delayed by one week due to the heavy City engineering load and desire to do advertisements for two projects at the same time. The solicitation is now due to go out November 8th with a bid opening on December 4 at 2:30. The plan is to go to City council on December 11 for final approval of a selected contractor. Our desire to select a contractor before the end of the calendar year is to meet the final requirement of the anonymous challenge grant. The notice for the contractor to proceed will be some time in early March with a pad pour date in early April. The pad then requires 28 days to cure prior to final surfacing (color paint) and line painting. Courts should be ready for play during the month of May!

October 22, 2017-Surprise ! The City has completed the rain garden.  Photos by Charlie.

October 23, 2017 Court Construction Update – Click on the link below to see a full report and photos.  
Court Construction Update as of Sep 29, 2017
Your Sequim Pickler City negotiating team met with the City Sep 14, 21, and 29 to continue efforts to complete the Request For Proposal (RFP) that is planned to go out to contractors by the end of October. Work is progressing nicely thanks to David Nakagawara who has been our primary contact and manager from the City for this effort. In addition to this work the team continues to coordinate with the City on the current excavation work that is progressing at Carrie Blake Park to level the court location. The City has listened to our requests and just recently determined that we will be able to include an 8-foot grass strip on the north side of the courts for future tournament spectators. The City has also decided to provide a 2” compacted and leveled gravel surface on the court area now to help it weather the winter. Water and electric sources have also been identified and both are planned to be available in the court corridor.
As we near the final RFP completion, the team plans to meet twice a week until the work is completed. Be sure to thank your negotiation team for their hard work to continue to move the court project forward so that we can be assured of year round pickleball play. The negotiation team includes: Christiane Johnson (architect), Katinka Nanna, Dave Shreffler, Gill Goodman, and Charlie Pugh.
 September 15, 2017 – More photos from Marc

September 6, 2017
Here are Marc’s Day 10 pictures of the progress at Carrie Blake Park.
September 2, 2017
Day 8 – Pictures compliments of Marc Connelly
August 28, 2017
​Day 5 picture again compliments of Marc Connelly.
 Aug 25, 2017:
Photos by Marc Connelly
On Day 4 our building site is looking grand!  Here are Marc’s pictures showing it graded and near flat….

 Aug 24,2017


Photos by Marc Connelly


 Aug 21,2017


Photos by Marc Connelly