The Sequim Pickler Round Robin (aka Big Dill) Recap

The Big Dill was a big deal.  Lots of laughter, wonderful audience cheering on the players, yummy snacks, and lots of amazing games played by our novice players, 2.5 and below.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day…… Except for the initial misty conditions.  Overcast cloudy day is perfect for not worrying about the sun blinding your eyes. Cool weather helped with not getting overheated and sunburned.  And nary a chance of precipitation nor a breath of wind. Who could ask for more?  Oh, and let’s not forget, everyone who signed up were present, all 30 picklers, ready with their paddles, for a round robin competition. 100% turnout!!!  

A huge thanks to all those picklers who showed up early to help with sponging off the courts, measured the nets, erected the tent, and the various tasks that are needed prior to the event. What a great job done by the amazing referees and scoresheet runners. You were the scorekeepers best friends and made their job easier in tallying up the scores.  A big shout out to the 2 scorekeepers who took on the task in tallying up the scores and determining which players got to move onto the next bracket and closer to the winners circle.

A very special thank you goes to Bob Sester, whose knowledge in running tournaments helped to bring this all together.  We could not have done it without you.

To all the players….. Mary Helen, Bob and I hope that you enjoyed the Big Dill event and had tons of fun.  Our goal was to introduce you to a tournament like environment in a fun setting.  We hope that you will take your game to a new higher level and go out there and play in some of the local tournaments. 

The Big Dill

1ST PLACE WINNERSCarmi Standish & Ron Halpern
2ND PLACE WINNERSPatricia Joersz & Sue Anderson
3RD PLACE WINNERSDarrel Jiles & Gary Dickinson
4TH PLACE WINNERSEdwina Dewald & Al Harris


Congratulations to all the winners. Enjoy your pickles.

Ruby, Mary Helen, and Bob

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