Volunteer Opportunities in the Club

The Sequim Picklers’ Club is growing and the opportunity to serve is growing too!  We are always seeking volunteers to assist with events, support a task, or take on a role longer term.  Please visit this page often to see what there is to do and how you can help!  See our Board Job Descriptions.


Adopt-A-Highway:  The Sequim Picklers would like to thank JoAnne Yerkes for leading the Adopt-A-Highway clean up crew for the past year. Thank you for your hard work, JoAnne!

We are now looking for a new Highway Clean-Up Organizer to take over duties for the next year!

Please contact sequimpicklers@gmail.com to find out more, or to volunteer for this position.



The Sequim Picklers have adopted the 2-mile stretch of Highway 101 between Dryke and Shore under the State’s Adopt-A-Highway Program.  Four clean-ups a year are required, the first one was accomplished with an enthusiastic team in January 2019.  A Spring clean-up is required during the month of April every year.  Not only does this effort beautify our home, it generates goodwill for SP as the State will acknowledge our efforts with Adopt-A-Highway sponsor signs.

Volunteers must be 15 years or older.  WDOT provides vests, bags, signs, pickup sticks, and a safety training video.  If you are interested in participating in this club-sponsored project, email sequimpicklers@gmail.com and you will be added to the contact list for all future SP Adopt-A-Highway  events.

 Read the January 4th Report and consider volunteering in April.  1/6/20.

Our next pick-up in 2020 is scheduled in April.  If you haven’t yet participated, I can assure you that it gets easier every time as there is less trash to bag. 

Please respond to sequimpicklers@gmail.com if you are available to help with future efforts.

Thanks.  JoAnne Yerkes